6 Ways to Insert Euro Symbol in Word (€)

Microsoft Word provides several ways to insert the euro symbol in Word (€) document. Whether you prefer using the Insert symbol command, keyboard shortcuts, AutoCorrect, or the Character Map app, you can easily add the Euro symbol to your text.

How to Insert the Euro symbol in Word

Insert Symbol command in the Ribbon:

  1. Open Microsoft Word
  2. Click the “Insert tab” in the “Ribbon”.
  3. Click the Symbol option from the Symbols group.
  4. In the dialog box, select Euro Currency Symbols from the Subset drop-down menu.
  5. Select the Euro symbol.
euro symbol in word

Shortcut for euro symbol in Word

Use Alt code

Insert euro symbol in word using Alt code

  1. Set the cursor where you wish to insert the euro sign.
  2. Hold Alt + 0128 keys from the keyboard, always use left Alt key and numeric pad

Built-in Word shortcut:

To insert the Euro symbol using the built-in Word shortcut, follow these steps: Press “Ctrl + Alt + E”.

Euro symbol word Autocorrect

To insert the word euro symbol using AutoCorrect, follow these steps:

  • Type “(e)” in your document.(you have to type “e” with “()”).
  • The symbol will automatically be inserted as the Euro symbol.

How to add euro symbol in Word MAC

  • Place the cursor where you want to add the symbol.
  • Hold “Shift” and “Option keys”, then press “2” on the keyboard.

Character Map App:

  • To insert the euro character symbol in Word use the Character Map app on a Mac, follow these steps:
  • Open the Character Map app (you can find it by searching “Character Map” in the Spotlight search).
  • Search for the “Euro symbol” in the Character Map app.
  • Select the Euro symbol and click the “Select” button.
  • Click “Copy” button to copy the euro symbol.
  • Now paste the euro currency symbol in Word where you want it to appear.

Note that the euro sign in word or euro symbol in Word may also be available as an emoji on your computer. On Windows, you can access the emoji keyboard by pressing the Windows key and the period key (.). On a Mac, you can access the emoji keyboard by pressing Control + Command + Space.

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